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An Early Glimpse of the Future of Porn

360 Adult Video has accomplished something really big: They have shown us the future of porn.

Filming a virtual sex video with a complete view from 360 degrees, meaning you can look anywhere in the environment with head tracking on a virtual reality device like Oculus Rift, they have created the first fully immersive porn environment with real actors and actresses. This is exciting stuff.

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The best part? You don't need to be one of the lucky few people in America who have virtual reality hardware to enjoy it – they have it set up on their website so you can preview their first title, "Birthday," by using your mouse to click and drag (you can also view it on iPhone and iPad.) Want to check out this impressive virtual sex video? Of course you do. purchase gabapentin 300 mgIn a classic European gesture of inclusivity, you don't just get to watch from the male point of view, either. The trailer includes a female-eye view of the foursome, and the web site promises that you will be able to access the action from any of the actors or actresses' points of view. Ladies, if you have been looking for a virtual sex video where you don't have to pretend you're a guy, you have found your company. And guys, if you have ever wondered what it looks like to your lady friend when the two of you are getting down, here is a chance to satisfy that curiosity.

The video features a bunch of French porn actors and actresses, so that may jolt you out of the immersive experience, but here is why this virtual sex video is a game changer: Provided this does well in the market (and if you ask us, it will) there will surely be an American version released soon.

The only drawback is that it is not side-by-side, so you don't get the mirrored-screen format that works best for Oculus Rift, which launches this summer. It would be folly to think the company won't fix this soon, as the Oculus Rift is poised to dominate the virtual sex video market the minute it hits the general public. So stay tuned, and you can be sure that IPG will keep you updated on any developments.