HTC Enters the Virtual Reality Headset Market


HTC To Enter VR Headset Market

HTC recently stated that they will be entering the VR market with a new headset. The product was developed in collaboration with Valve and the VR headset will be called Vive. The product demonstrations that have taken place so far have had rave reviews and the product has been labeled as the best VR headset to date.

The impact Vive will have on interactive porn games is yet to be seen, but we think it’s going to be great. According to the company, Vive has two 1200 x 1080 displays at a 90 frames per second refresh rate. This in turn will create a smooth experience with no jitters and minimal SDE. In other words, your VR experience won’t end in puke.

Vive will enable users to explore, inspect and walk about in virtual places. You can also inspect objects from every angle possible, and like Oculus Rift the device will keep track of head movements with 70 sensors (including a gyroscope and an accelerometer). But what sets this headset apart from the Oculus Rift is the laser positioning of the sensors making the Vive a pioneer in providing a full room experience. 

The system is able to track your location by 1/10 of a degree and is attached to a virtual reality base station. It’s capable of tracking a user’s physical location in large space (15/15). Issues like bumping into furniture or walls in the real world while exploring a virtual world hasn’t been fixed yet, but we are quite positive that software can easily fix this problem.

Although this does nothing for static pornographic material, interactive porn games will benefit greatly from the option of actually walking around and interacting with characters rather than sitting in one place. 

The developer edition controllers are 1:1, touch-pad input, and are currently tethered to the PC. However, the consumer edition is expected to be totally wireless and isn’t expected to have any lag. This coupled with the laser precision tracking system will pretty much let you do anything you want to do in real life, in a virtual one.

So this has got us excited at the possibility of finally being able to touch another individual (or breasts) within a game. Further, we are also expecting this to enhance other devices like cyberdildonics in the years to come.

Vive is expected to be equipped with a built-in audio solution when the commercial VR headset finally comes out. But right now, those lucky enough to test the headset have to depend on jacks.

We still don’t know what this product will cost once it’s released late this year, but we expect it to be a little on the expensive side. This is expected as it’s a premium product that is unmatched by competitors at this very moment.

As HTC has partnered with Valve, from an adult gaming perspective, this puts Vive far ahead of the competition. Valve has an extensive catalogue of Steam games and they are already coded to work with Oculus Rift. Further, the company has released its API to help developers build products that are compatible with SteamVR. With all this knowledgebase easily accessible to developers, we expect interactive porn games to enter a golden age of gaming very soon!