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New Oculus Rift Art Piece Allows For Unprecedented Gender Bending

Virtual Sex Game

One of the best things about porn is that it is a fundamentally private medium. You can express and explore your sexuality in ways that would make you uncomfortable – or downright terrified – to do with a partner.

As technology changes, so does porn, and with it, sex. Soon, there will be all kinds of novel (and really scary) avenues to explore sex, both with and without partners. With this in mind, a collective of artists in Spain has debuted Gender Swap – Experiment with the Machine to Be Another. It's an art piece – really, it's more of a virtual sex game – that allows people to use the immersive experience of the Oculus Rift to simulate what it's like for someone of the opposite sex in bed. One of the artists said, "the performer is someone interested in sharing a story about his/her existence. This role can be assumed by an actor interpreting a real situation, or rather it may be taken by any person who is interested in sharing some episode about his or her life."  Check out a video of Gender Swap below:


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It's a case study for psychiatrists, feminists, techno-scientists and queer studies majors everywhere. How will a straight, masculine man respond to playing a virtual sex game where he is a woman? Of course, the experience for women may be just as bewildering – although most of the girls we know are excited about Oculus Rift and other virtual reality porn offerings because they want to know what it's like to wield a penis. For men, there are all kinds of issues of gender, sexuality and identity integrity wrapped up in a sex reversal that may make them pretty.

Another virtual sex game with a similar intent is the Glass and Sex app, recently announced for Google Glass. Two people wearing Glass can record their rolls in the hay and swap them, allowing some idea of the experience for their partner.

A little personal note: As for this author, gender bending is something I would take an academic interest in, because I happen to love a good virtual sex game and I also happen to write about them. Particularly if I was in a long-term relationship, it might deepen or enhance my relationship with a lady if I could see through her eyes – and though I'm not sure how much I would enjoy it, I won't knock it until I try one or the other virtual sex game to find out.