Realtouch: The Interactive Sex Device

real touchAs we draw steadily closer to the period in which the Oculus Rift will be readily available to the masses (some suggest it will be available mid-2015), some companies have already taken a huge leap forward and have created an object so unique, it makes traditional interactive porn games kind of a thing of the past.

We are of course talking about the new product from Realtouch. This revolutionary piece of technology promises an experience “like nothing […] you have seen or felt before”. But what is it exactly?

The actual device resembles some sort of flesh light. It’s rather large (but we can sort of guess why, wink wink) and has a soft interior with “a dynamic orifice, automatic lubrication and heat”. The opening of the device is comprised of two belts that also run along the inside, that “caress you with every action that you see on the screen.” The interactive sex device is linked with a second one that someone else, wherever they may be on the planet, uses to stimulate your manhood in any way possible.

This simple enough idea that would have been considered outrageous ten or so years ago marks yet again how the adult entertainment industry is adapting to the newer technologies that are being released to consumers – simply watching a porn video is rapidly becoming obsolete.

There are a few blatant and obvious flaws to the Realtouch device however. The primary piece that is used to receive stimulation is only adapted to the male penis, which makes sense as Realtouch is primarily marketing their product towards a male audience – a quick look on their site shows a large catalogue of ladies ready and waiting to put their own Realtouch devices to good use. Another slight flaw is that although unique, Realtouch is staying true to their money-making business model – you want pleasure, you pay for it. Indeed, only the male Realtouch device is apparently for sale, and the female device according to their site is labelled “for the model”.

Again, despite this clever combination of technology and adult entertainment, women have sort of been forgotten as this product is aimed at men (although one has to admit that most pornography nowadays and even interactive porn games are more aimed towards men than they are towards women). Nevertheless, female viewers of adult films do exist, and some would say that they represent an equally lucrative consumer base.

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The possibilities however are endless. Although at the moment it seems that the Realtouch product is intrinsically linked to their countless models, one could also imagine the many uses that this device could have in interactive porn games. Adult games are somewhat rare, even though a lot of video games incorporate some sense of sex in to their gameplay (for example, the recent Grand Theft Auto games), but imagine what would happen if you bought a new video game for your pc complete with a Realtouch device? The need for a model vanishes, yes, but the demand for the device would surely skyrocket. Those who just want to enjoy themselves or have a good time in front of the PC would be able to plug in their device, launch their game, and enjoy the ride (literally).

At the moment we’re still quite a long way away from reality porn games in your own home, but with the Realtouch device, and also given Occulus Rift’s increasing popularity… who knows?