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BoneTown, an Interactive Porn Game

It's Long Past Time BoneTown Got a Second Chance

Back in 2010, the game BoneTown was released to quite a bit of fanfare from the adult entertainment industry. Hustler and AVN wrote glowing reviews, and the game was even nominated for an XBiz Award. It's not that BoneTown is just that awesome – in fact, as far as interactive porn games go, it's somewhat limited. But it had a great sense of humor, a heaping (and refreshing) dose of self-awareness, and was definitely an innovative entry in the field.

Here is what BoneTown is all about: it is essentially a Grand Theft Auto-style of game, replete with missions and a fully functioning city. Instead of stealing cars, killing cops, and building a crime empire however, you bang ladies. It's pretty simple stuff, and that's what interactive porn games are all about right? But the thing that sets BoneTown apart is its graphical style (it is much more cartoon-y, thus neatly sidestepping most of the Uncanny Valley troubles that other interactive porn games run into) and its smart writing. In some ways, it is a spiritual successor to Leisure Suit Larry, the classic old adult game for PC. Some of the story missions, like offending Mormons, helping bail out a broke hooker, directing a porn, and beating up a frat boy, are downright hillarious. And the level up process, which leads you from banging obese women to beautiful models as the game progresses – is pretty brilliantly done. 

There are some major problems with BoneTown, however. The gameplay gets tedious quickly (it focuses as much on fighting bad guys as it does on sex) and the world can sometimes be bland and repetitive – probably a side effect of lacking the kind of major budget large-scale games of this kind tend to have when produced by major studios. 

All of which begs the question: Whither the sequel?

There is so much raw potential in this game that it is a crying shame to see it go to waste. The graphics really are fun and, in their own way, pretty sexy. If nothing else, they are unique among interactive porn games. And the writers are clearly smart and inventive. A sequel would go a long way toward correcting the inefficiencies and deficiencies of the game, even if the graphics didn't get much of an upgrade. The developers did something of the sort by releasing Bonecraft, a World-of-Warcraft sequel in 2011 (view the trailer below) but it was a flop – and a little too late to catch the "make-fun-of-WOW" bandwagon.

The BoneTown order Neurontin online is still selling copies of BoneTown, a four year-old game, for $35. They should take the original engine and models, create a smaller, tighter, more focused world with a clearer focus on sex (and with more variety), and make a sequel. BoneTown 2 would have all the right ingredients to be one of the more successful interactive porn games out there – they just need to make it.