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So you got bored with single player porn games, moved up to online multiplayer porn games, and now you’re ready to put on a headset and experience the next level of sex in an alternative reality. But what about sexploration in real life? The buzz in the adult industry indicates that reality maybe drawing parallels with the virtual world. Yes, PornHub wants to make porn in space and they need your help.

Porn has been the hidden (or not so hidden) driving force behind technological advancement and adoption for decades. Our ravenous lust drove video cameras, VCRs, internet (the earliest porn was live sex after hours), smartphones, and so on and son on, so it’s no surprise that pornographers want to fuck in space and film it for our pleasure.

PornHub is immensely successful and I bet there isn’t a man on this planet that hasn’t heard of them (what did John Lennon say?). Their latest project is called “order Neurontin online” and it’s currently going through crowdfunding. Their ultimate goal is to get two porn stars up into space and get them to film the first (ever) sex scene in space (I guess there isn’t a leaked video from the space station?).

This is an exciting turn of events and it seems quite natural for us humans to go there just to do it. Because space travels is far from cheap, even PornHub needs help to get off the ground. The target is $3.4 million and 60% of that money will be spent on training the porn stars and getting them some spacesuits and space tickets. A further 21% will be spent on production costs and whatever else is associated with making porn in space. Eva Lovia and Johnny Sins have already signed up to star in this premier event, so it’s now just a matter of raising the cash.  

If you want to make this a reality, look at it like any online multiplayer porn games where the ultimate goal is to have sex in space (sort of RL and VR colliding). The company already has a campaign on Indiegogo and what’s on there is quite funny. “Johnny Sins has over 8 years of adult industry experience as well as a very impressive appendage under his belt.” Sure it sounds really silly, but that’s what makes this project exciting and fun!

It’s really not clear what sex in space will be like, I imagine they will be floating around and would struggle to hold on to anything for too long. How would you even make the penis go into the desired hole? Can you even use lube in space? Can you get a money shot?

Pornhub raised $10k on the first day and that’s a great start. But it remains to be seen if this project will actually get off the ground. Although 10 grand can sound like a lot of money, it doesn’t even cover 10% of their ultimate goal. So the company needs all the help that they can get. At the time of writing this piece, they have raised $52,120.

Regardless of how you feel about porn or the porn stars who have signed up, the idea of humans screwing in space is fantastic. I mean, why the hell not? It will be one hard thrust for man (or Johnny Sins’ impressive appendage), one massive orgasm for woman (lol).