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The Reimagination of Virtual Sex Games

If you have anything more than a passing interest in the intersection between sex and technology, and read bloggers like Regina Lynn or Luke Plunkett, you have been hearing about how virtual sex was going to redefine the human sexual landscape for a long time.

Funny story: It has not happened. And though virtual sex games have gotten more and more sophisticated, they probably never will change the way we human beings knock boots completely – although they may open up even more avenues for exploration than they already have. 

Most virtual sex games right now require you to use a lot more of your imagination than your actual body. One could convincingly argue that sex also requires a healthy dose of imagination (no one wants to be a boring lover – and whose sex life is not fueled in part by fantasy?) But virtual sex games have been too far in the realm of imagination and not enough in the realm of the physical to make much of an impact on human sexuality.

Until now, that is. At a recent demonstration of the new virtual reality headset called Oculus Rift, which will be released onto the consumer market landscape sometime in 2014, a Japanese company called Tenga debuted a virtual sex game demo with custom software and hardware designed to bring the physical element of sex into the equation. Head over and order Neurontin online at YouTube, or watch it below:

I will admit that it raised my eyebrows a bit, as I personally wouldn't fantasize about someone masturbating me with a Fleshlight as I was using said Fleshlight, but I'm the last person who is going to judge anyone else's fetishes. Anyway, the virtual sex games featured here certainly are not the only offering to come out of Tenga's bawdy imagination – there is a lot more variety to what you can do with those little hentai women.

One does not need to know a lot about Japanese culture to know virtual sex games like this – especially including this hardware – are going to be a hit in that country. Japan has been at the cutting edge of where technology and sex meet for a long time. But these kinds of virtual sex games seem destined to make a big splash in the US, too. I do not have hard numbers for you, but when a video of a cartoon girl techno-jacking a live Asian man gets almost 2,000,000 hits, I would say that some kind of threshold has been met concerning the minimum market viability of this product.

You don't have to make a leap of imagination to see the potential popularity of virtual sex games that let you fuck anime characters. This is probably going to be big – and it is probably going to change virtual sex games as we know them forever.