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As fans of the long-awaited Oculus Rift eagerly watch out for any news on what sort of games they can expect, the adult entertainment industry is rapidly catching on to what virtual reality can do for them. We are of course talking about interactive porn games.

One company from Canada, called Utherverse, will soon be releasing the highly anticipated Red Light Center. Basically, it’s a multiplayer game that focuses on, well, sex!

The game allows the user to tour a virtual strip club but also peek in on an orgy – all of this in 360° vision. If you want to check out what a certain model looks like from the other side, all you have to do is lean your head and thanks to the Oculus Rift, you will be able to admire the sexual fantasises that virtual reality has to offer, from all sides. The models that you can see in the strip club are actually computer-controlled, but when the game becomes multiplayer, all this will soon change.

CEO of Uthervers Mark Shuster told purchase Neurontin that “Lap dancing, stripping and sex are all live and available to users, and they are all multiplayer.” This means that everyone you interact with, whether they be strippers or just someone joining in on an orgy, will actually be a real person and not computer-controlled.

purchase gabapentin 300 mg

Meanwhile, Red Light Center (that was launched in 2005 and now has over 25 million registered users) offers a wide range of different interactive porn games that take the form of a number of different communities. For example, there’s a community designed for the LGBT audience and another for those who prefer BDSM. There are also virtual meeting places that are a little wilder, for example, the hooker and escort community or even the “Fucking machines & Big toys” community. In other words, there is definitely something for everyone.

In an cheap Neurontin with Venturebeat, CEO Shuster also stated that “In total, 40 million dollars were spent building the 2.0 version of Red Porn built the technology for the Internet. It delivered the critical mass of users. The same thing will happen with virtual reality. Porn and sex and social interaction is universal. It appeals to almost everybody. This is yet another example of porn and sex leading technology forward.”

can i buy Gabapentin over the counter in spain

We could not agree more. More traditional interactive porn games have taken the internet by storm, and with the Oculus being released sometime in 2015, it’s obvious that another 3D virtual sex revolution will take place.