Yareel Brings 3D Sex Games to Mobile Devices

With the rise of the smartphone and the whole “app” culture that has taken the world by storm, a lot of game creators are now thinking to themselves: Should I make a mobile version of my game?

The adult entertainment industry, you would think, would be an exception – you thought wrong. Yareel has created a multiplayer 3D “dating” game (although it’s a lot more than that) in which you can “create your 3D avatar, find, flirt and be naughty with other real people.” The fact that this game is free is brilliant, as a lot of sex-oriented apps usually aren’t free on the app store. Although free-to-play, it is worth mentioning that VIP packages are available to users, and for a small fee per month or per year, you can have even more fun on the app.


The game is based on their in-browser 3D game, but with an Android version, the game’s popularity should increase quickly. In total, the project represents a total investment of around $500,000, and estimated growth of their user base should hit the one million users mark around the end of the year.

A representative told XBiz that “The main advantage of the Android app is the possibility of installing a wide variety of adult sex games, porno and more, which is only currently possible on Android”. 


The gameplay is rather simple and well, that suits us just fine. You choose your gender, then you can customize your avatar and choose from an array of clothes and hair styles. There is extra content, which is available after a purchase has been made. You can use the in-game chat feature to communicate with others, and a search bar allows you to be matched up with another player, whether they be an ordinary one or a VIP one.

After getting to know the other person, it’s time to get freaky! There are loads of sex positions to choose from (for those who are bored with the simple missionary-style sex games) and you can even choose how many people you want to have sex with at any given time (three is the limit, but still, it’s a start!). Yareel has managed to raise the standards of 3D sex games just that little bit higher with their new addition to the app store. Straight sex? Gay sex? Lesbian sex? Threesomes? The sky is the limit (or more realistically, your phone’s battery life is).